Apologies - I’ve been slacking and haven’t been keeping this place anything like up to date.

I’ve still been reading though, and think I’m still on track to get through the 30 books this year as per my New Year’s Resolution.

So, next on my list was really The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins but I’ve decided to take it a bit slower than usual and so I’ll be reading parts of it in between other books rather than all in one go - it’s a bit hard going, but also seems a worthwhile read at the same time.

Instead, I read, and finished, The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom next instead.   They say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, yet that’s exactly what I did with this one.

Browsing the shelves in Tesco one night, two things drew me to this book - first the cover is printed on a type of metallic-y paper, with the background a shiny silver which attracts your attention and secondly there was a sticker proclaiming it to be in a “2 for £7″ offer.  An offer too good to miss!!

I’m not sure whether I made a good move or not though to be honest.  At times I enjoyed this book, at other times I thought it plainly ridiculous.  Perhaps the fact I’m not sure it was worth my time reading it reflects badly on the book, yet at the same time the fact that I carried on and read right through to the finish surely reflects well on it?

The story itself is a fairly typical horror story - man with some troubles in his life buys house which just happens to have a history in some way connected with his present troubles, these come to the fore and it all hits the fan, the end.

If you have a spare few hours and have nothing better to read then give this book a shot, just make sure it’s on special offer when you buy it!