Next up was Too Close to Home by Linwood Barclay - and after The Birthing House, I am pleased to say that I really enjoyed this book!

I really like books where you put it down at night and are genuinely surprised at what page you are up to - covering a huge number of pages without feeling like the story is dragging or your eyes are getting heavy must be one of best indicators of a good book.

As far as the story goes, it flows really nicely and focusses mainly on the Cutter family who are unfortunate enough to have their nearest neighbours murdered one night. Things take a turn for the worse though when it starts to look more like their deaths were due to a case of mistaken identity and the “stars” of the book were the true targets. Yikes!!

The action is quite slow at times, but as I said above you never feel like it’s dragging and not once was I thinking “come on, just get on with it!!”

The narrative and conversation is all very well written and nothing seems contrived, as can sometimes be the case when a writer is trying to concentrate on his big set pieces.

There’s a fair chance this may be my favourite book of the year so far…