April 2009

Well, I’m rattling through these now at a fair old rate of knots!

Another biography which isn’t really a biography, Why Do I Say These Things? takes us on a bit of a journey through the mind of Jonathan Ross without fully revealing the story behind his early life, road to success and life at the top.

Instead this book is really nothing more than a collection of funny stories - I suppose you could argue that that is what an autobiography is all about but this doesn’t have any coherent narrative which ties it all together.  Rather than starting at the beginning and working through his life, the stories jump about all over the place.

Okay, so I’ve fallen behind a bit - it’s almost a third of the way through the year so I should really be writing a post about book 10, whatever that may be!

With the way it’s going, I may end up having to read 10 books in the last week - a bit like doing your homework on the way to school when you were a kiddywinkle.

Anyhoo enough preamble, what about this book.

This has been a pretty disasterous start to the season for the two teams most people fancied to be up there challenging for the championship.

Prior to the season commencing, I heard McLaren say (boast?) that they had been working on this car for the last 18 months which would make you think that it would be pretty good.  It hasn’t been.

Ferrari were the first team I heard say that last season had affected their concentration on this new season - their reasoning being that they had to continue trying to develop last year’s car right up until the very last race, thereby eating into resources which should really have left last year’s car behind and turned their attention to the new challenger.

After finishing that previous post about McLaren and what this week may hold for them, I got to thinking about what may be in store longer term.

In 2007 we had Spy-gate when they were accused of being in possession of certain information which really belonged to their arch-rivals Ferrari.

Now, in 2009, we have Lie-gate were two of their employees have been accused of lying to the race stewards in order to “steal” a third place off the Toyota driver Jarno Trulli.  When one of those employees is the current World Champion and their star driver, obviously this is a big deal.

This week sees McLaren in the dock once more following the happenings at this year’s Australian Grand Prix.

While it doen’t exactly follow hot on the heels of their last visit in 2007 which resulted in them being thrown out of the Constructors Championship and handed a massive $100million fine, it has come far too quickly for that previous visit to have slipped from anyone’s mind.

Part of me thinks that McLaren’s damage limitation exercise of the past couple of weeks will have done enough for them to escape any serious punishment, but there’s also a part of me that fears they may get the book thrown at them again.