After finishing that previous post about McLaren and what this week may hold for them, I got to thinking about what may be in store longer term.

In 2007 we had Spy-gate when they were accused of being in possession of certain information which really belonged to their arch-rivals Ferrari.

Now, in 2009, we have Lie-gate were two of their employees have been accused of lying to the race stewards in order to “steal” a third place off the Toyota driver Jarno Trulli.  When one of those employees is the current World Champion and their star driver, obviously this is a big deal.

So, if things follow this pattern what can we expect in 2011?

Following the rhyming pattern, perhaps it will be Fry-gate where either they try to encourage Nick Fry to joing from Brawn, bringing certain team information with him - or perhaps their team chef will go loopy and continually burn their bacon.

Shy-gate - will they bring in a new driver literally unable to speak to the press as he is too shy, therefore revoking the terms of his superlicence which sees him thrown out of the sport for not attending to his media duties?

Dry-gate - will McLaren somehow find a way of controlling the weather so that their cars have their own micro-climate?  When others are driving round in monsoon conditions, shod with the extreme wet weather tyre, Lewis and Heikki can lap minutes faster per lap while on slicks due to them being surrounded by bright sunshine wherever they are on track - understandably the FIA are not too pleased and so call them up in front of the WMSC…

Hmm, I think it may be time for me to have a lie down…