This week sees McLaren in the dock once more following the happenings at this year’s Australian Grand Prix.

While it doen’t exactly follow hot on the heels of their last visit in 2007 which resulted in them being thrown out of the Constructors Championship and handed a massive $100million fine, it has come far too quickly for that previous visit to have slipped from anyone’s mind.

Part of me thinks that McLaren’s damage limitation exercise of the past couple of weeks will have done enough for them to escape any serious punishment, but there’s also a part of me that fears they may get the book thrown at them again.

Unusually, I’m not 100% sure where I stand on this - perhaps because despite McLaren now having “come clean” about what exactly went on over that weekend and in the hours following the race, I simply don’t think I can believe them.

This stems from a couple of things.

Firstly, Martin Whitmarsh has become fluent in Ron-Speak and sounds almost exactly like the departed McLaren boss when interviewed.  It’s a bit like watching a politician try to answer a question on the news by talking an awful lot without actually saying anything.  If Whitmarsh really wants to get the public and indeed the FIA off his team’s back then he has to turn this round - if someone asks a question then just answer it, even if it makes your team look a little bad in the short term.  Surely that’s better than coming out with some gobbledegook which nobody believes is the truth and just looks like you are covering something else up even if that’s not the case.

Secondly, McLaren and certain members of their staff have been accused of lying to the stewards and if they are capable of lying to them then surely it’s fairly easy to believe they would also lie to the media.

I can accept that Lewis Hamilton and Davey Ryan perhaps didn’t intend to say what they did to the stewards, although they seem to have admitted that something was cooked up beforehand but just exactly what we may never know.  I can also accept that things spiralled out of control and they perhaps didn’t intend for things to go as far as they did, if that’s the reasoning they come up with.

What I doubt very much though, is that Lewis in particular left that room and didn’t discuss what happened with anyone from the team.  Surely he said something to his dad, who as his manager should have been concerned at what happened and raised that with the team?  Since this has all come out, the main bone of contention as far as Team Hamilton has been concerned is that the integrity of Lewis Hamilton has been called into question and they blame Ryan for this 100% - if Anthony Hamilton found out what had happened surely he would have tried to speak to Ryan, Whitmarsh or Dennis about this, especially once he found out that Lewis was being called in to see the stewards to talk about this for a second time?

For his part, Lewis must have been fearing the worst when he learned that he and Ryan had to pay a second visit to the stewards to discuss the incident and if he was really so intent on keeping his image untarnished, that was the time to come clean to minimise the damage.  Instead he and Ryan listened to the evidence against them and still refused to change their story.

That is just sheer stupidity.

You have to give Lewis some credit for making his public apology though as this is not something others would have done, certainly not other world champions like Senna or Schumacher.  In that apology though, a lot of the blame was passed on to Davey Ryan’s shoulders though and Lewis didn’t really take too much on himself.  Perhaps that is how it really was, and hopefully we will find out later this week - I don’t expect Lewis to take any more blame than is rightfully his!

I won’t be surprised no matter what happens to McLaren at this hearing, all I hope for is that transcripts of the evidence are made public as I’d like to know what exactly happened and who all knew what was going on.  It would be a bit of a shame for McLaren if they were thrown out of the Championship or even banned for a couple of races as they have made real improvements to their car and while Brawn and Jenson Button have quite a healthy lead in the titles at the moment, you never know what could happen.

Will this be the last time we see McLaren in trouble for a while?  Who knows, they certainly seem to attract more than their fair share of it but it has to be said that a lot of it is their own making and they have noone to blame but themselves so I guess only they can decide how long it is that they are able to stay controversy-free.