Well, I’m rattling through these now at a fair old rate of knots!

Another biography which isn’t really a biography, Why Do I Say These Things? takes us on a bit of a journey through the mind of Jonathan Ross without fully revealing the story behind his early life, road to success and life at the top.

Instead this book is really nothing more than a collection of funny stories - I suppose you could argue that that is what an autobiography is all about but this doesn’t have any coherent narrative which ties it all together.  Rather than starting at the beginning and working through his life, the stories jump about all over the place.

This is fine though, as it’s explained at the very outset that this is what we are to expect.

He has no intention of writing a warts ‘n’ all tale of his life story, instead he wants to effectively put in print the type of story he tells every week on his TV and radio shows.  Fair play to him for that as some of the stories really did make me laugh out loud, and it’s quite refreshing that someone as famous as he is doesn’t feel the need to lay their life out for all to inspect.

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m a fan of Ross and if you are too then you will love this book but if not then you probably won’t.

Don’t buy it thinking you will get any great insight into the story behind the man - sometimes reading about someone’s life away from the cameras can change your opinion of them, but I doubt this book will have the same effect.

I see Jonathan Ross as a kid in an adult’s body - something he freely admits himself - and the anecdotes served up here do nothing but reinforce this opinion.  But it’s none the worse for that as far as I can tell.

Read it, I guarantee he will make you laugh at some point!