Okay, just four more needed before the end of June to keep me on track for the thirty books this year - it may be possible after all.

I think was by far my favourite Spook’s Apprentice book yet. The story takes him out of his usual setting in the County which makes things a bit more interesting as it also means he has to contend with new friends and also new enemies.

His new friend is a different Spook, Bill Arkwright, and his new enemies are mainly water-based as opposed to the land-dwellers he has had to deal with in the past.

For whatever reason, perhaps because I’m getting used to the characters and settings, or perhaps because the writer himself is getting more comfortable writing these books, this book was the most addictive and enjoyable so far. It’s a real pageturner, I could have genuinely read it all in one sitting had I had the time!

The story itself is also incredibly fast-paced with plenty going on to ensure there are no dull bits in the narrative. It’s also probably the most suspense-filled of the stories thus far. Although you can be assured Tom Ward, the Spook’s Apprentice, will see it through the end as he is the main character, in this book especially you are left wondering if all his companions will be so lucky.

The downside to finishing The Spook’s Mistake is that not only have I now finished all the Spook’s Apprentice books that I got for Christmas, I’ve now also caught up and completed all the books that have been published so far.

But fear not as book 6, The Spook’s Sacrifice, is due out in a couple of weeks so not long to wait now! Then I really will be caught up to date and will have to suffer the usual wait between books in a series - why can’t authors write as fast as we can read?!