Well the FIA have published their report on yesterday’s meeting and it makes interesting reading.

I can almost understand now why the driver’s points were unaffected, as the decision doesn’t seem to be based on the fact that the cars themselves are illegal as they stand now - rather the charges are that McLaren were in receipt of confidential information and that knowledge of the information was much more widespread than initially thought.

Well, when I wrote this speculation on what punishment McLaren may get handed in Paris yesterday, in the back of my mind I felt sure they would be docked constructor’s points and that would be about it - depending on the evidence.

To be docked all the points for the entire season would appear a hefty punishment but to back that up with the largest fine in motorsport history, a whopping $1,000,000.00, is a real kick in the teeth for Ron Dennis & Co.  What will happen to that money I wonder, perhaps Ollie White was right over at BlogF1 after all…

It’s quite easy when one or two things go against you to feel like the whole world is conspiring against you, and I’m sure that’s what it must feel like to Ron Dennis and his McLaren team.

Formula 1 can be a complicated sport to follow - possibly why it’s never done too well with an American audience who tend to like their sports relatively straightforward and simple.  But even the most ardent F1 fan will be scratching their heads at what has been going on this season between McLaren, Ferrari and the FIA.

The only interesting thing to happen over the course of the weekend of the Hungarian Grand Prix was the Alonso/Hamilton/McLaren spat which blew up in qualifying.

Quite who was at fault in that is a matter of great debate, but the result was a penalty of 5 places on the grid for Alonso and a deduction of any Constructors Championship points that McLaren scored in the race.

The fairness of the penalties is as much a source of debate as the penalties themselves, but the upshot was that the penalty handed to Alonso was immediate and therefore he was unable to appeal against it which somehow doesn’t seem very fair.  McLaren’s points could be easily added back on at a later date if any appeal they lodged were successful.

Lewis Hamilton - World Champion 2007?Lewis Hamilton and McLaren have done an absolutely amazing job so far this season - much more than most people had hoped for.

For a driver to be on the podium of every race so far and to have 2 wins on the trot this early in the season is something special, something normally only associated with a more experienced driver who is sure to be battling for the title. For that driver to be someone who has only just arrived in F1 is simply amazing!

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