Cartoons are excellent fun and come in all shapes and sizes - from little animations lasting only a few seconds to full blown feature films, and from crude hand drawn images to elaborate computer graphics.

Each type has it’s own merits and drawbacks, with films such as Shrek, Toy Story etc all being massive money making machines.

Historically, the personification of animals has been a huge source of inspiration for developing stories in these films even to the extent that traditional stories are retold using animals (albeit talking ones) as the lead roles in place of humans.  Whether this was done to create more appeal towards them, or whether the animators found it easier to bring these characters to life than a human subject I don’t know.

Animal clips are the best in my opinion - whether they are actual video footage, or animations.

A little trawl through YouTube has brought up this little lot which have all made me chuckle.

Not sure if the Glesga Dug one will be appealing to those outside Scotland but it did make me laugh, though I have to warn you that there are some sweary words in it if you are easily offended - so let’s get it out of the way first.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s an obvious reworking of the old Creature Comforts clips, but I think it works quite well!