I really don’t understand blog statistics - and the more confusing it gets, the more I become fixated by them!

No two sites seem to measure them the same way - or if they do then they end up with different answers in any case.  Why is it so difficult to measure how many people actually visit a certain webpage within a given timeframe?

It’s not exactly imperative that I know, and I didn’t start this blog in the hope that millions of people would hang on my every word but it’s nice to know you aren’t here just talking to yourself!

It’s been just over 6 months since I posted my first tentative post on this blog, and the time has flown by!

Things have come along a lot since then - the site looks nothing like it did then as I started off with a totally different theme before ending up with this current Connections one. And even this theme has been pretty heavily modified since I downloaded it, with things changing on a pretty constant basis.

I’ve not always had the time to posts as much as I would have liked to, and hopefully that will change in the coming weeks and months.