I have finally got round to watching the third episode of this series. This one follows the story of Olivia and Zakk.

Olivia is a three year old from Kent who was diagnosed about nine months before the programme started. Her treatment seems to be doing the trick and the cancer is now in remission, however she is still facing very invasive and painful treatment to come.

After the first episode of this series, I was a little more prepared for this one - but nothing really prepares you for watching a programme like this.

The heartening news from the opening to the programme is that the survival rate is so much better nowadays - 80% now as opposed to all victims not surviving past the first year a few years ago.

Tonight’s programme focused on a 6-year old little girl called Ellie, and a 15-year old boy called Andrew.

I read about this advert in The Sun during the week, and then forgot all about it until today.

Bob Monkhouse was a very well known comedian, laterly better known as a quiz show host, who died 4 years ago from prostate cancer. In a rather novel twist a new ad campaign to raise money for a prostate cancer charity has been started which mixes the use of a body double, old footage of Bob himself, and some computer wizardry to splice it all together including a new audio track.

This must rank as some of the hardest TV viewing I’ve ever subjected myself to – though the programme title was obviously a bit of a clue that all wasn’t going to be plain sailing.

The show on 12th June 2007 was the first in a new series documenting the story of a few patients’ journey from diagnosis through whatever treatment was deemed necessary during the period of time the film crew were present. Obviously the crew would only be available for a few months, the treatment may continue for a lifetime, however short or long that may be.