I like cats, and while I don’t really see any reason why anyone wouldn’t like them, I can appreciate that they may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

But what I can’t even begin to comprehend is why anyone, cat-hater or not, would want to do this to one :

Not much more needs to be said other than whoever shot this cat with an arrow doesn’t deserve to draw another breath.

Our BMW 120d is in for some repairs this week, and 80 miles in the Fiat Punto courtesy car have left me with things I’m already missing from the BM…

  • The ability to accelerate…at all…
  • Automatic wipers.
  • Centre armrest.
  • Any sort of feeling in the brakes, the Fiat’s are spongy to say the least.
  • 6th gear.
  • Computer which informs your mpg, miles left in the tank etc.
  • iPod connector.
  • Reassuring “thunk” when you close the doors.
  • Rear parking sensors.

In 2002 I bought a new MINI, and was over the moon - if a little skint because of it.  The best thing about MINIs financially speaking, was that you could order a TLC pack when you bought it which basically meant you spent £100.00 at the outset and that entitled you to a booklet of vouchers which covered your first 3 years servicing.

£100 for 3 years servicing = a very good deal indeed.

With rules prohibiting the use of moveable parts in F1 for the forseeable future, could this end up meaning that road cars leave their racing counterparts behind technologically speaking rather than the other way round?

It should never come to this obviously, but with the current freeze on engine development, it may be we see great strides taken in road cars during that period which the manufacturers can’t evolve on the track as well.

…get used to xenon headlights?

I’ve had them on two cars now and during that time I’ve lost count of how many people have flashed their lights at me thinking I’ve had my lights on main beam when they’ve actually been dipped!

There must be thousands of cars out there which have xenons fitted now, so why aren’t people used to seeing them about?  I know they annoy some people but to be honest I’ve never met a car with them and felt my sight was impaired by the xenons being too bright - the other good thing with them is that they are self-levelling so you don’t have that annoying thing where some people have their halogen lights pointing up too high and dazzle you.