…how many colours did DC manage to beat out of Massa?

Coulthard is thankfully keeping up his blog on his own website this season and has posted an update following the opening race in Australia.

As with everything in life, there seems to be more to this story than meets the eye and he gives us an explanation as to why he was so angry at Massa’s move which many had blamed on DC, claiming he should have been able to see Massa in his mirrors.

David Coulthard - Red Bull RacingIs this to be his last season? Almost every year since about 2004 has started with that very same question, and each time the answer has been “No” but will this be the year for it to change to “Yes”?

His career, like every sportsman’s, must come to an end at some point and with DC coming up on his 37th birthday you would have to say that the end will come sooner rather than later.

The man himself won’t entertain any talk of retirement until he really has no other choice, which will probably roll around in July at the earliest as historically it’s around this time that Red Bull tend to announce contract extensions.

If you are a regular visitor then you have probably grasped the fact that I’m an F1 fan.

I’m not a huge supporter of a particular team, and while it is true that of the current drivers I favour David Coulthard, I’m normally happy enough that the best driver on the day has won - mainly because I know DC has little chance of winning at the moment!

Formula 1 gets a lot of stick from viewers that it is boring, the races are processional with overtaking a rarity and I can see their point - a race without anyone overtaking each other is a bit like a football match without any goals, or a rugby match without any tries.

David Coulthard - It Is What It Is

I make no secret of the fact that I have been a fan of David Coulthard since he entered F1 in 1994.

DC grew up in south-west Scotland like myself, so the fact that a local boy had made it to the very top of his chosen profession - coupled with the fact that this profession happened to be my favourite sport and was televised every other week made it all the easier for me to follow and support him through his career.

It’s interesting to read some of what DC has written on the blog featured on his own site, some of which I will quote here :

Well that was a strange weekend. It’s very much like when I was instantly prevented from taking part in final quali at Monaco, there’s now a new precedent of a five place drop for blocking another driver’s lap. So that penalty won’t happen again. Nor will a car be lifted back onto the track again as Lewis was in Nurburgring. And presumably there will be a new understanding as to what happens when two team mates pit together in qualifying. It’s so difficult to know where you stand and what the ground rules are.

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