This week has seen another professional footballer hitting the headlines following some drunken escapades on a night out.

This time the player in question is Ledley King, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur but in the recent past we have seen similar stuff from players on the books of various clubs.

Of course, it often seems to be players of London clubs making most of the news but then again most of the paparazzi frequent the capital’s hotspots so I guess that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

When I was a youngster, I used to head off to the library every week and come back laden down with new books.  No matter how many I borrowed, they would always be read and taken back by the next week.

Over the years, the number of books I have read has dwindled away though.  Every now and again I would pick up a book and rediscover the joy of reading a good book which would prompt me to start another as soon as that one was finished.  However, this would only last a short while before I had lost the habit and returned to my lazy ways.

I’ve not fully decided on any New Year Resolutions as yet, but yesterday saw me make a good start to something which will likely feature as one of them - it appears most years after all!!

That is that I should try to eat more fruit and veg, and to be healthier all-round.

So yesterday I started 2009 with an apple.  Or indeed an Apple - a MacBook Pro to be precise.

Muchly excited, having lusted after one for what seems like years!!   This is the first post to be written on it and I must say the keyboard is simply gorgeous, as is the whole machine truth-be-told.

Could the manufacturers of washing liquid please note that we don’t need a little plastic container that goes inside the washing machine with every bottle that we buy?

Just one, once, is more than enough unless you are stupid enough to throw the container away before you buy a new  bottle of Ariel or whatever is your preference.  Obviously the simple answer is to do just that - but I don’t really like waste, especially when it’s so unnecessary.

For some reason I’m in a bit of a reflective mood at the moment, thinking about my lot and being thankful for what I’ve got, and indeed what I’ve had, in my life.  There may be more posts in the same vein in the coming days, but first I want to write about someone special.

My uncle Stuart has Down’s Syndrome.

I was going to say he suffered from it, but to be honest I don’t think he does.  Of course, there are things he can’t do which other people can, but he is not as badly affected as others so is able to live a relatively normal life.

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