TV award shows are generally to be avoided - a two-hour “extravaganza” with much backslapping among the luvvies.

And so it was that I managed to miss out on much of the BAFTA awards tonight, but still learned that ITV had won once more in the sport category.  Now this isn’t a surprise as they had three nominations up for the award against only one from the BBC.

However, it’s the nomination which won that caught my eye.  Was it for their coverage of the annual university boat race, or the Rugby World Cup?  Nope, it was for their F1 coverage of the Canadian grand prix.

Max Mosley’s first encounter with the News of The World in the courtroom has not brought the outcome he desired.

Mosley is battling the newspaper on two fronts - firstly he was wanting the removal of all video clips and stills from the video removed from the newspaper’s website and from future publications. He is also seeking “unlimited damages” in a breach of privacy claim, which will see this sordid affair drag on well into the summer.

Following on from the last post, I’ve got to mention the recent direction Cadburys have gone in for their latest adverts.

Of course we had the Gorilla ad a few months ago and now they’ve recently started showing the follow-up which is even stranger!

Plenty of viewers were put off by the ad featuring the gorilla as it had nothing at all to do with the product it was advertising so I can’t see this latest one getting a more positive reception.

I think music is important in how we remember things. Certain songs will always bring back memories or feelings of a time or place, which I suppose can be a good or a bad thing!

Because I think music helps your brain connect with things, I find it fascinating to see how the media uses it in not only their programmes but also in adverts.

Even in movies it’s really strange if you watch a scene where there’s no music in the background - imagine watching Jaws without the da-dum, da-dum going on in the background whenever anyone goes into the water, it would be rubbish!

I was quite chuffed to see The Express making a proper apology to the McCanns this week.

Not because I think what they said was wrong - I haven’t got a clue what happened to the little girl, but for The Express to make the accusations they did was taking things too far without any evidence.

It’s not the story that got my attention anyway, or indeed the apology itself, rather it was the manner of the apology.

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