I was in Woolworths on Saturday, their last day of trading and I must say it was a sad sight.

I’m not a big fan of the shop, it just didn’t grab me to be honest - I’m not sure why exactly but I would never have thought of going there to buy anything.  When I was younger there were a couple of shops I was interested in visiting - John Menzies and Woolies, however as time passed I realised Menzies had everything I wanted and so Woolworths drifted out of my life.

It’s new year time, so of course it’s only natural that thoughts turn to possible resolutions.

At this present time, with all that’s happily financially in the world and with the doom-mongers promising more of the same (if not worse) lying ahead in the upcoming year my mind has been turning to resolutions revolving around finances.

I’ve not set anything in stone as far as the resolutions go, but doing a few sums has brought up some sobering figures.  Firstly, the mortgage is obviously the biggest millstone around most people’s necks so it’s there most of the horror figures lie.

So Egg have decided to cancel their credit card agreements with over 160,000 customers which is an intriguing development.

They aren’t asking these people for the money they owe (if they do owe anything at the moment), they are simply cancelling their cards so that they can’t spend any more but can continue to repay any debts at a rate they choose.

Is it just me who finds this a bit worrying?

Going to university is a different experience for different people, and I think everyone who goes gets something out of it - even if they don’t ultimately graduate or whatever.

I was only 17 when I headed off to Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, and a pretty immature 17 year-old at that. In hindsight I was far too young to be going but I had finished my time at school and it seemed like the next step - I never really thought much about it or what I would do when I left, all my friends were going so I just followed suit.

At last!

My mobile phone contract is due for renewal at the end of this month so I decided to have a look around for a better deal - loyalty doesn’t pay remember.

I’ve been with O2 for years now and I decided that I was going to find the best deal I could and then offer them the chance to match it or I was off to pastures new.

Having checked my old bills, I text a lot more than I talk - in fact some months (most months in fact) I don’t use any free minutes at all, so I was looking for a package with mainly free texts.

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