I wasn’t going to mention anything publically just yet, but apparently the newspapers are onto the story so I feel it’s time to come clean.

I’ve been asked to record the theme for the next James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

Hmm, maybe not but it seems everyone else has been linked to it!  First I seem to recall rumours of Take That having a pop at writing it, then it was Leona Lewis or Amy Winehouse and now apparently it’s going to be either Duffy or Jack White.

What a combination!

Is the production of the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace, jinxed?

In the last week, there have been reports of three accidents in the lead up to and during filming in Italy.  The first crash involved Bond’s Aston Martin DBS which ended up in Lake Garda after an engineer lost control while delivering the car to a media event.  I bet he felt a right muppet!

On hearing his story though, he is probably just glad to be alive.  After plunging into the water, he had to free himself from the car and head to the surface - a scene which wouldn’t be out of place in the Bond movie itself.

Let’s not beat about the bush, this film is brilliant.

I’ve been trying to think what makes it so good and I’m a bit flummoxed to tell you the truth.

It’s shot using mainly small handheld digital cameras which is an unusual fashion and I think this helps to make it stand out a bit in your mind - like the Blair Witch did on it’s release.  Also like Blair Witch, the making of the film has been kept as secret as possible with most of the pre-release publcity focussed on internet sites and the like.