Random Irritations

Sky+ is really annoying me at the moment - recordings on certain channels are jumping about all over the place making them pretty much unwatchable which defeats the purpose of recording them in the first place.

With Christmas coming up there are a few programmes I want to watch but may not be able to see them “live” so to speak - the current problems make me wonder whether there is any point in even setting it though.

Have had a look around a few forums and there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer.  Switching it off and turning it back on (before recording) does seem to do the trick but isn’t exactly ideal.

Years ago, people lived in the past - that sounds stupid, but what I mean is that they found out today what had happened yesterday and so on.

Newspapers were printed to inform them of the events going on in the world in the days or even weeks previously, then these were overtaken by TV news which could tell you at night what had happened across the country that day - and soon they informed of what had happened all around the world that day.

He does my head in royally!

I’d like video evidence of him ever disagreeing with Steve Ryder as I don’t think he ever has! He simply takes what Steve says in the question, jumbles it all up so it doesn’t make any sense and then spits it back out - after adding in a few extra random words to pad it out.

An average discussion could go something like this :

Steve : So Mark, as our expert pundit, does Lewis really have the upperhand over Alonso this weekend?

It’s maybe not fair to single him out, but I was watching a bit of GMTV today (in my defence, I was half asleep at the time…) and at about 7:50am up popped Richard Arnold to talk about tonight’s TV.

A very, very, very brief chat about a couple of programmes accompanied with short clips and at 7:53am he was gone from our screens and the show moved on to Andrea with the weather..

Now, my gripe is this - how much is he being paid, what does he do with the rest of his day, and how can I get a job like his?

I don’t want to generalise, but I hate them all.

Well, perhaps that’s a bit too sweeping, but I certainly dislike an awful lot of motorcyclists!

The thing I dislike most about them is that when they don those ridiculous looking leathers, they seem to have to remove their consideration and manners in order to squeeze their bodies in.  I say this because at any hold-up in traffic, whether it’s traffic lights or roadworks, bikers fly past you in all directions to get to the head of the queue.

What’s that all about?  What gives them the right to avoid waiting anywhere like any normal person?

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