Let’s not beat about the bush, this film is brilliant.

I’ve been trying to think what makes it so good and I’m a bit flummoxed to tell you the truth.

It’s shot using mainly small handheld digital cameras which is an unusual fashion and I think this helps to make it stand out a bit in your mind - like the Blair Witch did on it’s release.  Also like Blair Witch, the making of the film has been kept as secret as possible with most of the pre-release publcity focussed on internet sites and the like.

There are two kinds of books, those which pick me up by the scruff of the neck and drag me into the narrative right from the first chapter, the first page, the first line - and there are those which it’s a real struggle to get into for one reason or another.

Having read a few other Ben Elton books, I expected Blind Faith to follow the former route, but I actually found it really hard to get into for one reason or another.

I’ve just finished reading this autobiography of Russell Brand, and I must admit I really enjoyed it.

I’m not normally a fan of people writing their life story when they are relatively young - after all, how much can they have crammed into their short lives?  Well, Russell Brand shows that there is plenty you can cram into your first thirty or so years and he tells all in this entertaining, insightful and at times quite touching and harrowing read.