After winning a tenner on the Lottery last night, and also correctly predicting that Scotland would beat France 1-0 in the Euro 2008 Qualifiers (but unfortunately not having enough conviction to put any money on that particular prediction), I’ve a feeling that I’ve become the new Mystic Meg.

Therefore, I feel it only right to turn my newfound powers to the matters in hand at FIA headquarters in Paris.

But to be honest, no matter how many times I’ve thought about it I can’t come up with an outcome that I’m even remotely certain about.

David Coulthard - It Is What It Is

I make no secret of the fact that I have been a fan of David Coulthard since he entered F1 in 1994.

DC grew up in south-west Scotland like myself, so the fact that a local boy had made it to the very top of his chosen profession - coupled with the fact that this profession happened to be my favourite sport and was televised every other week made it all the easier for me to follow and support him through his career.

I watch the news most days, but generally speaking that’s all I do - watch.  It rarely makes me want to do anything, or even makes me think overly much, although obviously some of the items are so incredibly powerful that you can’t help but be affected.

Nine times out of ten though, what I see doesn’t alter my thoughts at all (if I’ve even got any on that subject!), if something is so terrible or important that it’s made it onto the news then my thoughts on the matter aren’t going to make much difference - or that’s how I think anyway.

This clip shows some pretty awesome ball control skills - especially from a tennis player.  There are probably Premiership football players who couldn’t do this with a football!!

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a big night tonight for football fans as the home nations continue in their quest to book a place at the finals of the European Championships next summer.

England are traditionally the best option of a nation from the UK qualifying, but things are not going all their own way so far.  In fact, despite their protestations that several players are “world class” they have actually been struggling for a little while now and that makes tonight’s game crucial - if they lose or even draw then qualifying is going to be a pretty tough task.