It’s been 6 weeks or so, but Lost is finally back!!

Only in America at the moment (Sky doesn’t resume coverage until next week), but I have managed to see episode 9 by hook or by crook, ahem…

And it’s really good - since they have announced when the show is going to end it seems to have fairly picked up momentum with every show now progressing the storyline.

With some scenes now focussing on the future and life off the island it has brought a refreshing change to seeing constant flashbacks.  Obviously these helped flesh out the characters’ backstories, but it’s only now that we are looking to the future that things seem to be moving forward.

My favourite ever sitcom would have to be Only Fools and Horses - it ran for years and years but I can honestly say that whenever I catch an episode on UKTV Gold, I can watch it over and over no matter how often I’ve seen it before.

That’s a rare thing indeed and I’m struggling to think of another TV series which is like that.  I enjoy other comedies like The Vicar of Dibley, but even with it there are times when I turn over as I can remember what happens.  Blackadder is probably the only other show I can think of that I could gladly watch over and over without getting tired of it.

How did I miss out on watching Gavin & Stacey?  The answer is simple really, it’s because it was on BBC3 first time around, and I simply don’t think to keep an eye on what’s on that channel - but I’ve no excuses for missing it when it was repeated on BBC2 at the end of last year.

I stumbled across an episode from the second series on BBC3 the other night and thought it was hilarious, the best thing I’d seen in absolutely ages -and British to boot!

Since the dawn of time the TV schedules have been littered with quiz shows, some which stood the test of time and stuck around for ages and others that only survived a year or two.

The ones I remember being on when I was growing up are things like Mastermind, University Challenge, A Question of Sport, Countdown, The Krypton Factor, Fifteen to One… and so the list goes on.

These shows are obviously all different, but they are similar in one way - everything depends on the skill and knowledge of the contestants.  Okay, you had to be lucky enough to get the questions that you knew the answer to but apart from that there wasn’t any luck involved.

In the past I’ve been less than complimentary about ITV’s coverage of F1, and while quite a few arguments still hold, there are a few areas which have seen improvement this year.

On the plus side, and in a totally unexpected move, they have moved into the online area by allowing viewers access to not only online coverage of qualifying and the race, but also practice sessions as well - which is a very welcome move and for that I think they deserve a pat on the back.

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