The easy times are over, this is the last of the Young Bond books so tougher times lie ahead!

I’ve been reading these at quite a pace as they are relatively easy to speed through, but I’ve a feeling further updates on books finished may be spread a bit further apart.

By Royal Command is probably my favourite of the series.  Although it is the end as far as the series goes at the moment, I really hope Higson gets the go-ahead to continue.  Unlike Harry Potter, each novel is set over a couple of weeks rather than a complete school year so there is ample opportunity to churn out a good few books yet which hopefully they will do.

Yes, it’s another of the Young Bond series - but they are a good read!

Hurricane Gold is the fourth of the series (my second of the year) and unfortunately is the second last one.  The lovely thing about reading a book from a few years ago is that undoubtedly the author has a bit of a back catalogue which you can read as quickly as you like - once you’ve caught up to date then it’s back to the boring spells in between as he writes something new.

One of my resolutions this year was to try my best to read more books than I have lately.  The target is to get through 30 this year - just over one every two weeks or so which I reckon is possible.

I’ll be keeping a note here of each one I finish so I can keep track of how I’m getting on, though I won’t be reviewing each book as such (unless it’s a real cracker!).

When I was a youngster, I used to head off to the library every week and come back laden down with new books.  No matter how many I borrowed, they would always be read and taken back by the next week.

Over the years, the number of books I have read has dwindled away though.  Every now and again I would pick up a book and rediscover the joy of reading a good book which would prompt me to start another as soon as that one was finished.  However, this would only last a short while before I had lost the habit and returned to my lazy ways.

It’s the same old, same old isn’t it?  Every time a new year rolls around, the world is filled with promises of people who will make this the year they lose weight, get fit and get healthy - so I’d hate to be the only person, not making that resolution!

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