Lewis Hamilton - World Champion 2007?Lewis Hamilton and McLaren have done an absolutely amazing job so far this season - much more than most people had hoped for.

For a driver to be on the podium of every race so far and to have 2 wins on the trot this early in the season is something special, something normally only associated with a more experienced driver who is sure to be battling for the title. For that driver to be someone who has only just arrived in F1 is simply amazing!

AMG Mercedes Formula One Safety CarHeading into this season, there were changes to certain rules in Formula 1 including those which concerned the period when the Safety Car was on track.

The Safety Car is only deployed when there has been a crash or some other such incident which has caused the race officials to conclude the circuit is in a condition which makes it unsafe for the cars to continue at race speeds. Because the lap times were therefore increased as the cars were driving much slower, it was an ideal time to make a pitstop to take on more fuel as you would in essence lose less time relative to the cars still on track.

ITV Sport logoI’ve had a fair few complaints about ITV’s coverage of F1 since they obtained the contract to cover Grand Prix from the BBC, and it seems I’m not alone - however, the people who complained to them about last weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix don’t quite share the same views as myself.

Fernando Alonso - McLaren new boyAfter the Monaco Grand Prix just a couple of weeks ago, there was an uproar in the British media over McLaren’s apparent bias towards Fernando Alonso by telling their other driver Lewis Hamilton to back off and not race him.

This seemed like common sense to most people, why should McLaren allow their two drivers to race and potentially force one or other (or both) into a mistake which in the end costs them millions of pounds and dents their chances of winning a World Championship or two?

Lewis Hamilton - McLaren’s rookie racerLewis Hamilton has managed to bag his first pole position in only his sixth F1 start - no mean feat, so congratulations to him for that.  He is the first person ever to secure their first pole at the Canadian circuit so it’s obviously not an easy track to learn and drive - especially considering he has never been there before this weekend.

I’m not sure whether he deserved it or not, as I always seem to lose interest during the final phase of qualifying which has to be the dullest part of the whole GP weekend and the sooner they do something about it the better.