Our BMW 120d is in for some repairs this week, and 80 miles in the Fiat Punto courtesy car have left me with things I’m already missing from the BM…

  • The ability to accelerate…at all…
  • Automatic wipers.
  • Centre armrest.
  • Any sort of feeling in the brakes, the Fiat’s are spongy to say the least.
  • 6th gear.
  • Computer which informs your mpg, miles left in the tank etc.
  • iPod connector.
  • Reassuring “thunk” when you close the doors.
  • Rear parking sensors.

Driving for 7 hours up motorway after motorway gives you plenty of time to think about stuff and realise exactly what it is you like or hate in the world.

Today I decided :

  • Kirsty is most definitely The One, something I already knew but has been reaffirmed lately during our enforced time apart. Not having her with me every day is beginning to take it’s toll, but there’s nothing we can do about it so just have to get on with it.
  • I’m going to try and write a book - can’t be that hard surely?

I bet this guy had trouble keeping his dinner down during this…YouTube Preview Image

And this must be the weirdest rally crash ever - bad enough crashing out when racing hard, but between stages is a bit much!

YouTube Preview Image

Bugatti Veyron gets slapped with a nice parking ticketIs this the first time ever in the history of human beings that a crowd of people have not only gathered to watch a traffic warden issuing a ticket but also cheered and encouraged her to do so?

Personally I agree with her and the crowd, although some commenters elsewhere have insisted that the onlookers are simply jealous of the guy’s ability to afford a car like this.

Say you want to buy a car, a really nice desirable car that you want to show off to other people - what is the main decision you have to make, apart from which model to buy?

To me, it has to be which colour to choose from the multitude of metallic and pearlescent hues on offer in the manufacturer’s brochure.

This colour should not only say something about you as the owner, it should also show off the curves and lines of the car’s design to their best effect.  The colour is also important for the future as it could have a beneficial or detremental effect on the future value of the car when it comes time to hand it in and purchase a new one.

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