This week has seen another professional footballer hitting the headlines following some drunken escapades on a night out.

This time the player in question is Ledley King, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur but in the recent past we have seen similar stuff from players on the books of various clubs.

Of course, it often seems to be players of London clubs making most of the news but then again most of the paparazzi frequent the capital’s hotspots so I guess that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Imagine someone asks you to draw a racing car, just gives you a blank piece of paper and a pencil - what would be the first thing you’d draw?

Me, I’d probably start at the nose and do a nice sweeping line back then a little dip to symbolise the cockpit (they have raised sides now, but I’m kinda old fashioned!), before rising up to the airbox and then sloping back down over the engine cover to the rear wing.  That wing would be next before adding in the wheels and a line along the floor of the car.