This has been a pretty disasterous start to the season for the two teams most people fancied to be up there challenging for the championship.

Prior to the season commencing, I heard McLaren say (boast?) that they had been working on this car for the last 18 months which would make you think that it would be pretty good.  It hasn’t been.

Ferrari were the first team I heard say that last season had affected their concentration on this new season - their reasoning being that they had to continue trying to develop last year’s car right up until the very last race, thereby eating into resources which should really have left last year’s car behind and turned their attention to the new challenger.

Football supporters can happily walk around in a replica of their favourite teams shirt - or even personalise it with a name and number on the back so that their support of a favourite player can be displayed to the world.

Supporters of other similar sports, such as rugby, can do the same thing but there are some sports which make this incredibly difficult.

Golfing fans can only really get away with wearing a shirt like Tiger Woods may wear out on the golf course unlike a footy fan who can wear his Manchester United shirt every minute of every day if he wants to.  With Wimbledon just gone, how many replica Nike shirts have been worn around the streets with people showing support for Federer or Nadal?  Not many I would bet.

DC appears to like dropping hints about his plans without giving the whole game away.

His press conference following an unexpected podium in Canada sounded awfully like a farewell speech of sorts although this was denied at the time, however it has subsequently turned out to be just that.

Now when asked about his future outside of being an F1 driver in an exclusive interview with, he has stated that a life in the media may lie ahead :

Also on the side of the media, I can contribute a lot, as I have the knowledge of what its like inside a team.

With rules prohibiting the use of moveable parts in F1 for the forseeable future, could this end up meaning that road cars leave their racing counterparts behind technologically speaking rather than the other way round?

It should never come to this obviously, but with the current freeze on engine development, it may be we see great strides taken in road cars during that period which the manufacturers can’t evolve on the track as well.

For the sake of completeness and rather than simply updating my earlier post, I thought I would post the actual list as featured in this week’s Autosport magazine together with a very brief quote from the magazine about each driver.

When you think of who has been left out, remember those included were, and I quote, “over time, these guys were consistently the best of their eras.”   Agree?  I think not!

10.  Jacky Ickx - “he’s an obvious selection as a rainmaster”

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