It’s been a long time coming, but the first Grand Prix of the 2009 season is almost upon us.

This is the first race in an awfully long time where I won’t be automatically supporting David Coulthard following his retirement at the end of last season.

It begs the question as to who I should follow this time round - or in fact is it really necessary to follow anyone in particular?

Wow, that race today was simply phenomenal!

Firstly, congratulations to Lewis for stumbling over the line to take his championship win, but yet again both he and McLaren seemed to be doing their best to throw it all away.  The funny thing with Lewis is that if he decides to forget what he needs and just go for the win then things don’t seem to go his way for one reason or another, but similarly when he tries to drive for what he needs then he tends to come up short.

I feel I should be writing about the upcoming final GP of the season in Brazil, but I’m not sure what there is left to say to be honest.

Looking at the bare facts, Lewis Hamilton is in the same position as last year with a 7 point lead heading into this final race but in actual fact it’s all different.

Firstly, last year he had had a much larger lead in previous races which had dwindled away due to huge mistakes on the part of Hamilton and his team whereas this year he has actually increased his lead on the way to this race.  That must put him in a much better place mentally.

Imagine you are sitting at home watching TV, your kids playing outside, when a car comes hurtling past your front gate at 100mph.

You call the police who stop the car further up the road, breathalyse the guy who turns out to be twice over the limit.

What would you want the police to do?

Would you want them to throw the book at the driver in the hope that doing so ensures he is never stupid enough to do the same thing again?  Or would you be thankful he didn’t hit anyone and want the police to simply wave him on his merry way?

TV coverage of F1 at the moment is much better than it has ever been in my opinion, but it still needs improvement.

In the past we were at the mercy of local directors at each GP who invariably concentrated on the drivers from their particular country. While this is somewhat understandable, it was mightily frustrating if there was more interesting action happening elsewhere on track.

Now, each broadcaster is provided with a common feed from Bernie’s FOM which in my view at least means we usually get to see what we should be seeing although invariably we do miss the odd accident or whatever.

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