As if it wasn’t bad enough already, it would appear that ITV’s coverage of Formula 1 is due to get worse instead of better.

No, thankfully Martin Brundle isn’t leaving (as far as I know and hope), and they aren’t officially renaming their programmes The Lewis Hamilton Show - but rather it seems that Ofcom are about to allow commercial television networks the opportunity to show up to 12 minutes of adverts per hour of programme.


Since this blog started, it has carried a banner at the bottom of the main page offering support of the Bring Madeleine Home campaign - something which features on many blogs and forums.

I presume this was setup by someone close to the family in the hope that it would bring the matter to the attention of more people across the globe and would result in the McCann’s young daughter being found safe and well.

After winning a tenner on the Lottery last night, and also correctly predicting that Scotland would beat France 1-0 in the Euro 2008 Qualifiers (but unfortunately not having enough conviction to put any money on that particular prediction), I’ve a feeling that I’ve become the new Mystic Meg.

Therefore, I feel it only right to turn my newfound powers to the matters in hand at FIA headquarters in Paris.

But to be honest, no matter how many times I’ve thought about it I can’t come up with an outcome that I’m even remotely certain about.

Madeleine McCannIt’s been 4 months since little Madeleine McCann went missing while on holiday with her family in Portugal, and I can’t begin to imagine what her family have been through over the past few months, with being formally identified as suspects over the weekend making it even worse.

Since this step was taken, TV programmes, newspapers and radio have all been inundated by people offering support for the parents claiming that they definitely had no part to play in the disappearance of their little girl.  This is annoying as these people don’t know the McCanns any more than I do, they simply think they know them as they have been on their TV screens and in their papers every day for the past 4 months.

It’s been all over the papers that a postal worker from East Kilbride scooped the massive £35million jackpot in the Euro Millions draw last weekend.

Angela Kelly was the lucky woman, and I’m pretty glad she won - not that I know her, but having seen her press conference she seemed a nice, down to earth type.  The lottery people obviously can’t pick what type of person wins their big prizes (or can they…?), but hopefully more decent, hard-working people like her will win.

There was wall-to-wall coverage of the story as she was Britain’s biggest ever winner of the lottery, so I can understand why she was splashed over all the papers.

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