I like cats, and while I don’t really see any reason why anyone wouldn’t like them, I can appreciate that they may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

But what I can’t even begin to comprehend is why anyone, cat-hater or not, would want to do this to one :

Not much more needs to be said other than whoever shot this cat with an arrow doesn’t deserve to draw another breath.

In 2002 I bought a new MINI, and was over the moon - if a little skint because of it.  The best thing about MINIs financially speaking, was that you could order a TLC pack when you bought it which basically meant you spent £100.00 at the outset and that entitled you to a booklet of vouchers which covered your first 3 years servicing.

£100 for 3 years servicing = a very good deal indeed.

There was a fair bit of news coverage prior to Christmas concerning the amount of excess packaging in which nearly everything we buy is enclosed.

Everything from bags of crisps to toys seem to be housed in boxes and packets which are far too big for the contents.  I’ve always wondered why crisp bags are normally about twice the size that they needed to be, but thought (perhaps naively) that it was for some scientific reason.

However, like most other things now I think it more likely that manufacturers feel the need to have larger packaging to make their product look better - a larger item therefore better value for money.

Sky+ is really annoying me at the moment - recordings on certain channels are jumping about all over the place making them pretty much unwatchable which defeats the purpose of recording them in the first place.

With Christmas coming up there are a few programmes I want to watch but may not be able to see them “live” so to speak - the current problems make me wonder whether there is any point in even setting it though.

Have had a look around a few forums and there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer.  Switching it off and turning it back on (before recording) does seem to do the trick but isn’t exactly ideal.

I was checking my e-mails the weekend before last and was happy to see one from the National Lottery - I play online and pay by direct debit so everything happens automatically, if I’m lucky enough to win anything then they e-mail to tell me and then transfer the money directly to my bank account.

Normally on seeing an e-mail from them I get a little flutter in my stomach - could this be the big one at last?  The e-mail doesn’t actually tell you how much the prize is, it simply tells you a prize is your’s and asks you to log into the Lottery website to check how much it is.

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