It’s been 6 weeks or so, but Lost is finally back!!

Only in America at the moment (Sky doesn’t resume coverage until next week), but I have managed to see episode 9 by hook or by crook, ahem…

And it’s really good - since they have announced when the show is going to end it seems to have fairly picked up momentum with every show now progressing the storyline.

With some scenes now focussing on the future and life off the island it has brought a refreshing change to seeing constant flashbacks.  Obviously these helped flesh out the characters’ backstories, but it’s only now that we are looking to the future that things seem to be moving forward.

This season of Lost has been a cracker so far.

It seems that now the programme makers have a set date for ending they are fairly rattling along with the storyline - hopefully they will have enough action left to fill the remaining episodes!

The worst part is that due to the writer’s strike we won’t be getting all 16 episodes this year, with the season reduced to 13 although the producers have promised to make this up to us at some point.  I doubt that they would increase the length of remaining seasons so perhaps this extra content will come our way before next season starts to act as a build-up - that would be good!

Lost - The hit ABC showI managed to avoid reading the spoilers on numerous websites in the lead up to the finale so the final reveal at the end was a genuine shock for me - and I’m glad that I waited as the episode wouldn’t have had the same effect had I known what was coming.

It still doesn’t really explain all that much, but points to the fact that we will see at least some of the crash survivors make it back to civilisation and their “normal” lives. We still don’t know however who makes it back, and when exactly they will make the trip - will it be next season with the further seasons taking place back in the real world, or will they be kept on the island until the bitter end?

Dominic Monaghan - Charlie in LostIt’s finally here. Tonight is the showing of the Lost season finale - in America at least, viewers in other countries will have to wait until later in the week.

I’ve tried my best to avoid reading too much about what is going to happen, as the main pleasure from watching Lost is that moment of disbelief when something is finally explained - they don’t give away many answers so when they do, it’s always nice to have that moment of shock as it all unfolds before your eyes.

Lost - The hit ABC showI’m going to surmise that the whole premise behind the show of Lost is to confuse, bewilder and annoy the life out of it’s viewers - and it seems to be working a treat!

The show is nearing the end of it’s third series (or season as they call them in the US of A), and it’s just been announced that the show will carry on for another three slightly shorter seasons with the finale of all finales airing in 2010 when we will finally discover what the hell is going on!