Another issue of the News of the World, another shameful lead story concerning someone in authority, some hookers and an orgy. No Nazi overtones involved or implied this time though.

The figure involved in this instance is Lord Laidlaw who is apparently a prominent Tory peer, although I must admit I’ve never heard of him in my life!

Now, because I’m not really interested in the private life of someone I know nothing about, I skipped past most of the story until I saw one thing which caught my eye.

Max Mosley’s first encounter with the News of The World in the courtroom has not brought the outcome he desired.

Mosley is battling the newspaper on two fronts - firstly he was wanting the removal of all video clips and stills from the video removed from the newspaper’s website and from future publications. He is also seeking “unlimited damages” in a breach of privacy claim, which will see this sordid affair drag on well into the summer.

This past week, little has been said about the upcoming Bahrain Grand Prix, with most attention focussed on the allegations surrounding Max Mosley.

I’ve commented on a couple of blogs about this, but have refrained from writing anything here for one simple reason - I’m not 100% sure exaclty what I think should happen!

For a start, we don’t know all the facts.  Allegations have been made and some details have been denied, but in his usual “lawyer-speak” Max has only made the waters murkier rather than clearer in what he has released so far.