Going to university is a different experience for different people, and I think everyone who goes gets something out of it - even if they don’t ultimately graduate or whatever.

I was only 17 when I headed off to Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, and a pretty immature 17 year-old at that. In hindsight I was far too young to be going but I had finished my time at school and it seemed like the next step - I never really thought much about it or what I would do when I left, all my friends were going so I just followed suit.

A new website has been started up which asks a different question each day, with people being encouraged to write a response on their own site if the topic takes their fancy.

Today the question is Who do you Miss Most in Your Life?

Doesn’t sound like it is necessarily going to be the cheeriest of topics, but I thought I would give it a shot!

I’m not a huge “people person” who needs or wants a huge crowd of friends around me, so therefore I tend to lose contact with people fairly easily - and to be honest this doesn’t bother me at all, so I wouldn’t say I really miss them.