It’s the same old, same old isn’t it?  Every time a new year rolls around, the world is filled with promises of people who will make this the year they lose weight, get fit and get healthy - so I’d hate to be the only person, not making that resolution!

Haven’t posted an update for a little while, but that’s not to mean I’ve not been out and about.

Since the last post which covered up to 17th April, we ventured out on Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 24th April - covering 2.5km each day.  Not very far I’ll admit, and we were a bit disappointed not to be increasing the distance so we decided that come Sunday 27th we would go all out to see how far we could go.

Since the last update, we have been out running on Tuesday morning and again this morning.

Tuesday was meant to see us up the distance a bit to two and a half miles, but this wasn’t achieved - although not really because we couldn’t, rather because we didn’t want to!

Firstly, I’ve switch my Garmin over to show kilometres rather than miles as we were spending most of our time wondering how many km we had covered, so it made sense to start recording our distances using those units.

I’m going to be running this 10k in June with my cousin, Kevin. Why should I have to go through all this pain and suffering on my own?

We ventured out for a walk this morning, thought we’d go for a longer distance but give the running a miss, so we covered seven miles at a slower pace than usual. Not much slower than our current running pace though!

Arrived back home feeling much better than I have done after any runs so far, despite the increase in distance - I actually think I could walk all day and not feel many deterimental effects. The same can’t be said of running though unfortunately!

A bit of a panic has set in.

I went for a run this morning - just over 2 miles and by the end I thought I wasn’t going to be able to put one leg past the other to get back through the carpark into the car!

On 15th June 2008, I need to be able to complete 10km as I’ve entered the Men’s Health Forum Scotland 10km in Glasgow.  It seemed like a good idea in January when I first thought about doing a 10k this year in order to force myself to go running - June seemed like such a long way off, almost half a year away.  How the time has flown by though and here we are just 9 weeks away from the big day!

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