I meant to post about this earlier, but the weekend seemed to pass by in a flash what with other things going on and I just didn’t seem to find the time.

British Airways have had some horrific press coverage lately with the opening of their Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport going less than swimmingly. Flights seem to be getting cancelled here, there and everywhere and bags are either being taken to the wrong places or not taken anywhere at all.

David Coulthard - Red Bull RacingIs this to be his last season? Almost every year since about 2004 has started with that very same question, and each time the answer has been “No” but will this be the year for it to change to “Yes”?

His career, like every sportsman’s, must come to an end at some point and with DC coming up on his 37th birthday you would have to say that the end will come sooner rather than later.

The man himself won’t entertain any talk of retirement until he really has no other choice, which will probably roll around in July at the earliest as historically it’s around this time that Red Bull tend to announce contract extensions.

This season of Lost has been a cracker so far.

It seems that now the programme makers have a set date for ending they are fairly rattling along with the storyline - hopefully they will have enough action left to fill the remaining episodes!

The worst part is that due to the writer’s strike we won’t be getting all 16 episodes this year, with the season reduced to 13 although the producers have promised to make this up to us at some point.  I doubt that they would increase the length of remaining seasons so perhaps this extra content will come our way before next season starts to act as a build-up - that would be good!

…is the weather.

No, I’ve not gone crazy - I really think it’s the truth!  At least in the south where I live anyway, up north it can get a bit hairy at times.

The perception is that it rains here 24/7, which simply isn’t the case - we probably do have quite a high percentage of days where it is raining, but by no means is it every day!

Everybody is different, but personally I would hate it if I got up every day  knowing it was going to be roasting hot and sunny.  Scotland may have rubbish weather sometimes, but it only serves to make you appreciate the nice sunny days all the more.

It’s funny how one day, or even one action can forever define either a place or person in your mind.

And these defining moments are all too often negative.

There’s a current media debate about the Hearts footballer Saulius Mikoliunas for example - you may not have heard of him, but he took an unprovoked tumble in a game against Scotland a few months back which led to his team gaining and scoring a controversial penalty, and has now seemed to have become Public Enemy Number 1.

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