There are no two ways about it, if Lewis Hamilton and McLaren continue as they have done in the last two race weekends then the Driver’s Championship trophy will be sitting on his mantlepiece come the end of the year.

I thought his win at Silverstone a little lucky for two reasons.  Firstly, both McLaren and Ferrari had to gamble on tyres due to the timing of their pitstops - and ultimately one was going to get it horribly wrong.  Had it not rained again, I could see Kimi getting faster and faster while Lewis fell back, but as it happened the exact opposite took place.  Ferrari chose not to change Kimi’s tyres and when the rain came he simply had no grip, which allowed Lewis to waltz off into the distance whereas the other drivers were all waltzing round the track.

It’s not often that a Grand Prix won by a huge margin is ever considered a classic, or potential classic but that has definitely been the case with this year’s British Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton strolled home in the rain over a minute ahead of his nearest rival and there is no doubt that he easily deserved his victory.  While seemingly everyone else in the field span off the road at least once, Hamilton managed to pretty much keep it pointing in the right direction.

Hmm, last post was on 18th June 2008 - almost a month ago, and I feel a bit ashamed at the lack of action!

Don’t really have any excuses either other than the fact I’ve just been lazy of late.  Well, we did eventually move house, but I can’t blame that for almost four weeks inactivity.

So what’s happened in the intervening period?  Well, for a start the spacebar on my laptop appears to be about to give up the ghost so apologies for any words running into each other - I think I’ve caught any so far, but some may slip through.  Pennies are tight so this thing has to last me a few years yet!

David Coulthard - Red Bull RacingAs mentioned previously, I was lucky enough to be one of the select few chosen to visit the Red Bull Racing factory, from the thousands who donated money to Wings for Life and therefore had their picture plastered over the Red Bull of either Mark Webber or David Coulthard at the British Grand Prix last weekend.

At first I assumed there would be quite a few attending, then there would be a group photo and that would be that but I was sent an e-mail with the itenerary for the day which started with us meeting at the factory at 10.45am. The e-mail also confirmed who would be going, and the list only included 9 names!

David Coulthard - Red Bull RacingI’ve been busy with decorating the new house, but taking a week off now to head south to the British Grand Prix.

As an extra special bonus, I’ve also been picked from the 30,000 who donated money through Red Bull’s Faces For Charity fund raiser to visit the factory and see my picture being applied to the car - out of the 30,000 only ten people have been asked to attend so I feel very priviledged!

Apprently ITV will be there to film it for a piece which will be shown in the British GP buildup next weekend so thankfully I’ll be at the race so won’t get to see it…

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