44 fights, 44 wins.

You can’t ask any more than that - except 45 fights and 45 wins I suppose!

Joe Calzaghe is the best British boxer of recent years, yet if you asked someone to name a current boxer, I bet his name wouldn’t be on many lips.  The most popular would surely be Amir Khan as he is the one in the public eye most often.

Why doesn’t Calzaghe get this recognition, especially when you consider Khan has plenty of promise but hasn’t actually achieved much yet?

Imagine in the old days (last year!) when F1 teams had a spare car at a race, Lewis Hamilton makes a poor start so deliberately cause a big crash at the first corner so that there is no choice but to red flag the race and for a restart to take place.

This would allow him to walk back to the pits, get in the spare car and then try again for a better start.

Ludicrous idea?  I think so.

Everybody who watches sport likes to think they could do a better job than the manager of whichever team they support, be it football, Formula 1, rugby, cricket or whatever.

In the past, I’ve had an attempt at fantasy football but never ventured into the fantasy F1 realm before.

Sidepodcast have posted about this subject though which has prompted me to give it a go this year.  They have set up a league on www.fantasyracers.com where anyone can register a team and then join their league (see Sidepodcast’s post here for details of how to join their league) which I’ve duly done.

This story is all over the papers and news at the moment, and to be honest I feel a little bit sorry for him.

I’m not a fan of drugs at all, and I’m not a fan of people who cheat so it should follow that I’m not a fan of Dwain Chambers either - but it’s not as simple as that.

This story shouldn’t really be about Chambers, he’s just unlucky enough to have become the face of the problem.  And it’s a problem which shouldn’t really have arisen.

I would imagine the idea for this came about following on the apparent success of the NFL American Football game which was held this year at the new Wembley Stadium in London and seems certain to come back year after year.

American football isn’t very popular here, or in the rest of Europe, despite the introduction of a European competition a few years ago so I could see the point in bringing the game to create interest but is football in the same position?

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