I think music is important in how we remember things. Certain songs will always bring back memories or feelings of a time or place, which I suppose can be a good or a bad thing!

Because I think music helps your brain connect with things, I find it fascinating to see how the media uses it in not only their programmes but also in adverts.

Even in movies it’s really strange if you watch a scene where there’s no music in the background - imagine watching Jaws without the da-dum, da-dum going on in the background whenever anyone goes into the water, it would be rubbish!

Since the dawn of time the TV schedules have been littered with quiz shows, some which stood the test of time and stuck around for ages and others that only survived a year or two.

The ones I remember being on when I was growing up are things like Mastermind, University Challenge, A Question of Sport, Countdown, The Krypton Factor, Fifteen to One… and so the list goes on.

These shows are obviously all different, but they are similar in one way - everything depends on the skill and knowledge of the contestants.  Okay, you had to be lucky enough to get the questions that you knew the answer to but apart from that there wasn’t any luck involved.

Honda flew the nest at the end of last season which has prompted ITV to seek out a new sponsor ahead of the F1 season starting next Sunday.

Initial reports indicated that a figure of around £5million was anticipated to be required to claim the rights however the rumours are that Sony’s new contract will only see ITV claim £3million - still a pretty penny.   No doubt ITV were hoping the Lewis-factor would have loosened the pursestrings in boardooms around the globe, however it was not to be.

So why would a company want to associate themselves with F1?

This season of Lost has been a cracker so far.

It seems that now the programme makers have a set date for ending they are fairly rattling along with the storyline - hopefully they will have enough action left to fill the remaining episodes!

The worst part is that due to the writer’s strike we won’t be getting all 16 episodes this year, with the season reduced to 13 although the producers have promised to make this up to us at some point.  I doubt that they would increase the length of remaining seasons so perhaps this extra content will come our way before next season starts to act as a build-up - that would be good!

I would imagine the idea for this came about following on the apparent success of the NFL American Football game which was held this year at the new Wembley Stadium in London and seems certain to come back year after year.

American football isn’t very popular here, or in the rest of Europe, despite the introduction of a European competition a few years ago so I could see the point in bringing the game to create interest but is football in the same position?

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