Some of these are just awesome, assuming they are all real and not some CGI-nonsense…

I like to think they are true enough, but you never know!

Anyone who watched A Question of Sport on BBC1 would have seen this clip already tonight, but I thought it so good I had to post it here!

The section of the show which featured the clip is called What Happened Next? and unsurprisingly each team is shown a clip which pauses at a certain point and they have to guess how the action progressed.

In this particular clip, the video was paused just after the football player managed to get onto the stretcher - do they always have to put themselves on the stretcher by the way?

I really liked Billy Joel’s song We Didn’t Start The Fire when it first came out - can even remember listening to it over and over to try and work out the lyrics!

Obviously it’s not quite an all-time classic or anything so has slipped from the public’s glare over the last few years, which makes it a rather unusual and strange song to pick in order to use it as the source of a parody, but that’s exactly what someone has done.

I bet this guy had trouble keeping his dinner down during this…YouTube Preview Image

And this must be the weirdest rally crash ever - bad enough crashing out when racing hard, but between stages is a bit much!

YouTube Preview Image

If you are expecting one or other to fall over in this video, then you are going to be disappointed - but not for long!

Make sure your speakers are on to hear what they have chosen as their first dance..

YouTube Preview Image

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