So Fernando Alonso has finally left McLaren once and for all.

Even after all that’s happened this year I’m relatively surprised to be honest, as his best chance of being in a car capable of winning races and the title in 2008 was surely with the Woking team.  Ferrari’s announcement that Massa has been handed a new contract until 2010 has surely scuppered any chance of Alonso joining Raikkonen in Italy next year - that’s assuming Alonso would even have been happy being in the same team as the current World Champion.

David Coulthard - Red Bull RacingAs mentioned previously, I was lucky enough to be one of the select few chosen to visit the Red Bull Racing factory, from the thousands who donated money to Wings for Life and therefore had their picture plastered over the Red Bull of either Mark Webber or David Coulthard at the British Grand Prix last weekend.

At first I assumed there would be quite a few attending, then there would be a group photo and that would be that but I was sent an e-mail with the itenerary for the day which started with us meeting at the factory at 10.45am. The e-mail also confirmed who would be going, and the list only included 9 names!

David Coulthard - Red Bull RacingI’ve been busy with decorating the new house, but taking a week off now to head south to the British Grand Prix.

As an extra special bonus, I’ve also been picked from the 30,000 who donated money through Red Bull’s Faces For Charity fund raiser to visit the factory and see my picture being applied to the car - out of the 30,000 only ten people have been asked to attend so I feel very priviledged!

Apprently ITV will be there to film it for a piece which will be shown in the British GP buildup next weekend so thankfully I’ll be at the race so won’t get to see it…

Go to to join me.

David Coulthard - Red Bull RacingThe week prior to today’s Spanish Grand Prix, David Coulthard and Red Bull in general had a relatively productive test session at the Barcelona circuit which culminated in DC being fastest on the final day, and indeed fastest overall, setting a new lap record into the bargain.

We’ve seen before, however, that it can prove difficult to transfer testing pace into qualifying and then race pace, so it was a pleasant surprise that DC managed to get through to the final session of qualifying yesterday and make the top ten on the grid for the first time this season.